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Broad Issues updates the world with the events, stories and information on the development issues across the world. We do not only inform but empower people in making the world a better place. Global issues matter. From the UN building at New York to Alirajpur district in Madhya Pradesh, we cover the stories that affect humanity and the environment.

Broadissues.org focuses on the challenging issues in our localities. From climate change to gender inequality, from human rights abuse to poor standard of living – the poor and the vulnerable always receive the worst share of these conditions. Our topics are diverse and humanitarian.

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Every opinion matters. We believe everyone should have the freedom to express his or her views on issues affecting their communities. We carry out interviews and publish articles on the challenging issues in our societies of which you are part of.

We share the hopes, aspirations, goals, actions and concerns from people like you including the non-profit organisations, the activists, the students and social commentators. This is a big part of the reason, we publish meaningful articles and interviews from passionate people who cares about sustainability and development in their societies.

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