No Development Can Take Place If Women Are Ignored

In 1975, the UN launched the celebration of the International Day for women named International Women’s Year. Historically, it has grown from acknowledging the successes of women to building a solid platform for support on women’s rights and participation, in the political and economic system.

“Last year, for the first time, we achieved gender parity in the UN’s Senior Management Group and among those who lead UN teams around the world”, the UN chief said, adding that the Organization is “working to achieve parity across the whole United Nations system within a decade.”

“Gender equality is essential to the effectiveness of our work, and we cannot afford to miss out on the contributions of half of the world’s population…women’s equal participation in the labor force would unlock trillions of dollars for global development”, Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed revealed.

The women rights supporters around the world believe that Sustainable Development Goals can never be achieved without the full inclusion of women. 

Here are some simple tips our staff at recommend for women development and inclusion –

  1. Women need love and care from their spouses, friends, family and society.
  2. Treat women better. They are humans. Let’s fight against violence.
  3. E-learning programs should be open to women and girls
  4. Affordable but quality childcare centres should be accessible to rural and urban women.
  5. Technology for the women – Women should be encouraged to take up technology classes, jobs and innovations.
  6. More women should participate in public life and be able to take decisions without been pushed out by discrimination and violence.
  7. Protect women. Do not rape them
  8. Investment in girl’s education, skills and business are very important in becoming leaders and innovators.
  9. Women should be given more political positions
  10. Women should have the right over reproduction
  11. Child marriage can be stopped – it is against human and women rights
  12. There has been a rapid reduction of female genital mutilation activities but more actions are needed to stop it especially in villages.
  13. Women are not sex objects. They should not be treated as one.
  14. Women should be brave enough to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

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