Only 17 people are living in poverty in a province of 80 million in China

The UN’s major agenda and also a major challenge for the next few years is, and has been to flush out impoverishment from most countries; an agenda a large proportion of the world would welcome. So much so that in 2019, three economists were awarded the Nobel Prize for economics, due to their theories and efforts put forward to help eradicate poverty.

With the world’s economic powers struggling for a breakthrough, China’s plan to give poverty its marching orders by 2020 has seen them leap right to the front of the economic rat race. And as statistics have it, the Chinese have been credited for pulling off the most impressive and biggest poverty alleviation program ever witnessed having seen over 874 million people out of absolute poverty in the last 40 years; a total of four whole decades.

These achievements have seen countries of the world sit up in tackling the poverty issue and some of the countries still doubt the credibility of these facts, but the truth remains intact that the Chinese government is taking quick strides in making sure poverty is effectively vanquished by 2020. Interestingly, a province in China, Jiangsu province, said only a handful of people, 17 people to be precise, still live in poverty.

Of course, there were doubts, there were questions and there were shrieks of disbelief. Some people questioned: “Are there no unemployed people in China?”. Others asked: “Are there no beggars?”. But as incredulous as all of these sound, eradicating poverty had always been, and as things stand, will always be one the Chinese government’s major craving.

It is no news that while most of the economic leading countries in the world have seen their economy plummet in recent decades, including China, none of them has successfully been able to make poverty disappear from their economy- only that inequality and imbalance have grown. 

But China has moved to change this in recent years, and according to a data from the end of 2019, which shows that over 2.54 million people have been lifted out of poverty in South-eastern Jiangsu province, one of China’s wealthiest province, as defined by the province itself. 

There were stories of a little boy, who arrived school with ice on his head. This story spread around the internet and this prompted widespread donations from people internationally, who were impressed by his fortitude and shocked by his poverty.

Also, Over the past six years, China has lifted 82.39 million rural people, 80 per cent of impoverished villages and over half of the impoverished counties out of poverty, delivering the best performance ever in Chinese history of poverty reduction. The poverty rate of the country has dropped to 1.7 per cent at the end of last year.

Added, more than 500,000 poor people have been employed as government-paid forest rangers through ecological poverty alleviation schemes. And In 2018, China offered huge assistance to impoverished regions and farmers in rearing animals, and also steadily promoted poverty alleviation projects through developing photoelectric industry and e-commerce.

These poverty alleviation schemes are coming off well on the people. The programs have lighted up the passion of the poor people not only to move out of poverty but to also stay out of poverty. This improvement in the mindset of the people has seen more and more impoverished people break the shackles of poverty in their lives, to embrace new lives.

Also, other countries and their people are benefitting from China’s poverty reduction schemes and are collaborating with these countries to create a community for humanity, responding to the UN’s Millennium Development Goal and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

With all these impressive achievements by the Chinese in eradicating poverty, nobody would be willing to bet against them eradicating poverty come to the end of 2020 as they have not only cleared doubts, they have still taken it upon themselves to continue treading this path of massive development and impressive poverty-alleviation strategies aimed at increasing the standard of living of humanity at large. With all of these being said, it is only right to acknowledge that they well and truly deserve some accolades.

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